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The Agenda is my regular solo podcast where I look at current news events (hardly an issue amid Covid 1984) and connect them with the overall one world Agenda by the Bloodline Crown families that truly control out everyday lives. 

Planet Earth is already under world wide web of corporate and bloodline nephilim corruption going all the way back to Sumer and possibly even off world, going back at least 8,000yrs in its current form. We will never get to the head of the snake if all we do is argue over geopolitics and such things as wether your social distancing or wearing a mask, though geopolitcs important it is only a tiny piece of the puzzle.


There is a global 1% Bloodline Satanic Elite who believe themselves to be the Bloodline descendants of the Nephilim (Annunaki/Fallen Angels) and they are now rolling out their latest attempt at controlling humanity called a Technocracy. 

Join me as I pull this plan apart and shed some sunlight on the root of this Demonic Evil 1%.