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The Real Inventor of Social Networking

No , come on! you didn't really think Mark Zuckerberg came up with this in two weeks whilst chasing girls and drinking himself stupid at Harvard do you! Hungover each morning, trying not to be sick on his Macbook whilst coding what would become Facebook , from the ground up! no less.

Here is the real man behind what we now call Social Networking, his name is Michael McKibben and he wrote the original source code for Social Networking. He has filed something called The Miller Act against Facebook which will allow himself and his shareholders to be rightfully paid for their three years of hard work. But the wide spread knowledge of this theft has far greater implications for the world, this would clearly show us how we have ALL be covered over by a World Wide Web of deceit, going back to the 1700's.

So what happened ? How did we end up with Mark Zuckerberg looking lost and like he wanted to cry in court last year? I mean I have never seen a man so out of his depth, and you can't help but feel for him as a human being, if indeed he is or ever was one according to a little classic slip up in one of his interviews. (find it on Youtube its great)

As stated above, Michael own's the U.S Patent on Social Networking which is the key in the lock that allows Social Media Networking (Apps, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ect) to actually function. During President Clintons time in office (doing all sorts of weird stuff) he wanted to establish control over the fledgling internet via rogue intelligence insiders which dates back to 1776, which happens to be the year before the Illuminati came to be in May of 1777. Micheal basically saved AT&T by building their Access Plus 3.0 in time for Windows 1995 which was its email system. Michael launched one of the first 10 websites hosted by AT&T along with the likes of Disney. Remember in 1995 this was all brand new, which is hard to fathom if you are a Digital Native and born with a Tablet in your hand.

There was a problem with something called GroupWare which could not handle large volumes of Data. If they could solve this then the internet could be scaled up and it would be revolutionary. So Michael and his team set out to do just that. In 1997 Micheal and his team began work on this problem and in December of 1999 they solved this issues by inventing a new kind of MetaData.

Micheal and his team were aware of the importance of what they had discovered. His team consisted of architects in banking, defence and intelligence and communication they wanted to secure the patent straight away.

To help them do this Michael and his team were introduced to a man named James P Chandler who was said to be the best in the business and his credentials seems to support that at he had advised the White House. Chandler can be seen participating in the design sessions in the year 2000. All the while Chandler was working for the New World Order Globalists and at the time Michael met Chandler they were re writing laws and policies to take over complete control of the internet.

Once Chandler realised that Michael and his team had solved IBM and Microsofts scalability problem he was task with the mission to steal it. Now this could be seen as conspiracy theory but it does seem as this is indeed conspiracy fact. Chandler had signed a duty of good faith with Michaels team at Leader Technologies and a confidentially agreement, and remember Michael was awarded the U.S Patent in 2006.

Chandler was handing all of this information over to the NIAC (National Infrastructure Advisory Council) and the IBM Eclipse Foundation. Not only did they steal the invention that came to be Social Networking but they took Leader Technologies proven capabilities to analyse high volumes of security video.

Enter Mark Zuckerberg

Michael claims that it we his idea to try it out at Harvard University where his son was attending pre-med school, at this point Mark Zuckerberg was still in high school. Micheal says that his original design respected privacy and that your DATA was always your own and not that of the companies, you owned your DATA and therefore it could not be used against you for what is now known as Dark Profiling (Thought Police 1984) which reminds me of the film The Minority Report.

Other Tech companies were coerced into this and the government agencies where likely not aware of this conspiracy which would have been only known to the NIAC, IBM Eclipse Foundation and National Security Staff at The White House. Of course this would go way above them into the 13 families that truly rule the world but that is for another day.

In the end Micheal states that "Chandler and IBM ripped out my privacy controls" and "are pushing the Internet of things" all the while assisted by the deep state, gathering your DATA and building your Dark Profile, including your DNA if you hand it over on any ancestry website.

Deal or No Deal?!

So it is simple , spies get all of your DATA for blackmail purposes should you step out of line once the One World Government comes in, and companies that toe the line get all of your data for profit and sales targeting. You are now becoming a Dark Profile, and once they know what you are doing, what you have said, what you might say and how you might react...well that is the real artificial intelligence not a Robot Soldier.

Mark Zuckerberg may or many not have come up with the brand Facebook, but he is what is known as a "lifetime actor" which is a great term coined by Mark Devlin, who exposed the truth about the music industry. The wool has been pulled over our eyes and never has it been more apparent. Micheal McKibben's story needs to be heard by as many people as possible because this is how it works and if the tech is returned to its rightful owner then we can turn this tanker around, if not we are all heading over a cliff edge and only God knows where we will land.

Richard Willett