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The Glitch in Wade Robson (Leaving Neverland)

It is amazing for me to see after researching this terribly researched documentary Leaving Neverland that most people believe this is about money. I totally understand that for anyone who has never done any research into the alternative ways of looking at the world that this would make sense, but the world does not make sense if you look at it within the guideline's that we have been given, through the mainstream media and the education system.

I am hoping that those who watch the documentary take the time to look a little deeper. The key for me here is the stunning similarities in the 2004 case, Wade Robson's sudden change of mind in 2013 and the Chandler case in 1993. None of them make sense, but what is apparent are two strange observations, both Wade and Arvizo suddenly changed their mind, after they adamantly defended Michael with Wade actually going on record and testifying against Gavin Arvizo at Michael Jackson's 2004 trial.

What I believe people should be investigating (I am) is this sudden change in testimonies, from defiantly not guilty to guilty. Wade Robson had been thrust into Michael Jacksons life after winning a dancing competition to meet Michael in the early 90's, this was set up by Pepsi and not Michael Jackson's management. Micheal repeatedly asked Robson's mother to not make Wade work so hard and she has been recorded saying that her children work so hard that they even had their birthday parties backstage. In the same way Jordan Chandler was put into Micheal's life as he stopped to help them when they "Broke Down" on the side of the road. Jordan's dad was a wannabe film director and can be heard on tapped telephone recordings using his son to extort money from Micheal in 1993.


Now I think I know what you are thinking, that these were suppressed memories that suddenly spilled over into the conscious level during therapy after Wade's second breakdown (he had two) which happened after he had to resign as director of one of the 'Step Up' sequels. He claims Michael pushed him to be a director bigger than Spielberg (see Isaac Kappy for more on this man) and the pressure was too much for him. This of course is ludicrous, for one it was his mother who was pushing him not Michael, who was supporting him which is a fancy slight of hand played by Robson.

I do not for a minute think that Wade is behind this. If your read an incredible book by Mark Devlin called 'Music Truths' Volume 1 and 2 you can then being to understand how this music industry works. I truly believe that Michael Jackson and his brothers were abused at the start of their inauguration into the music industry in the late 1960's, by those who were surrounding them in the Motown days.

Even if you think it is far stretch, all you have to do is look at the frantic symbolism in music videos today to know that the signs of MK Ultra and Project Monarch are everywhere (You give me Butterflies) . The details of the abuse of the Jackson 5 is not something that has been widely looked into but this practice has been the foundation of the Music and Movies Industries for many many years. I worked with Brian Harvey of East17 who were a famous boy band in line with Take That in the mid 90's and he was surrounded by East end gangsters, pedophiles and worse, but he was 16 when he started....imagine being Michaels age and as talented as he was.

So before you run away, yes I do believe the is an element of Mind Control that has happened to Wade Robson, the fact that CIA Mind Control techniques have been widely reported and written about since 1947 shows that there is more than a fantasy to this. Unfortunately we are all going to have to (ironically) wake up to the fact that this is a real thing, the Nazi SS started it and the CIA moved it forward and it permeates the Music Industry and Hollywood. So I believe that the sudden change in both Wade Robson and Gavin Arvizo is down to trauma based mind control in someway, I also think it is likely that blackmail and death threats play a huge role in this. Remember Jordan Chandlers dad shot himself in 2009 after the 2003 Michael Jackson court case where Michael was acquitted on all accounts.

Remember these practices go way back to 1947 (possibly further) and are thoroughly investigated in books such as Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own by Neil Sanders and Brainwash - The Secret History of Mind Control by Dominic Streatfeild. When people think of mind control the think of the Hollywood version, but mind control is actually quite simple, it relies on compartmentalising the brain so that one section is fire walled off from another. Much like someone who has had a car crash cannot often remember the actual crash, the mind has fire walled that horror off to protect itself. In trauma based mind control, the mind is shattered by psychical, mental and sexual and even Satanic abuse, and into these new compartments alternative (alters) personalities are put in place, to carry out work for the numerous dark reasons. I know it sounds mental and it is, but it is no less true.


From all of my research through the years, and of being a life long Michael Jackson supporter and defender, it seems crystal clear to me the Micheal was a victim himself. A victim of childhood trauma, a victim of mind control techniques and a victim of an industry that used and abused him. I believe he built Neverland to try to heal that pain for himself and to stop other children going through the same (All The Lost Children) .I also believe that he was being controlled until the day he passed and that the answers lay in looking at those who surrounding him and specifically two people, one is the biggest film director on earth today and the other is a founder of various record companies and collaborator with this famous film director....I will let you do the math. I believe it is not too far fetched to believe that these two (plus many others) powerful people controlled and used both Michael and Neverland to do exactly what they are accusing Michael of, not on the property but as a means to an end, and let me be clear the Michael was a victim in this as well.

This is just my theory but I believe the evidence and research leads to this being a strong possibility. So Micheal, Wade, Gavin and Jordan as all victims in this monster machine that casts a spell over our eyes like the Wizard of OZ, so if just for a moment Dorothy, The Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow (Micheal played this part) just stopped pointing the finger at each other and tore down the curtain that hides the frantic and powerless Wizard, the system will fall.

There are reasons why the Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan

and Alice in Wonderland Themes are used in CIA Mind Control Experiments, there in lay both the answer and the problem. Look at 'The Bend Sinister' solution by Vladimir Nabokov for the answers.

Michael is innocent.

Richard Willett

Documentary Film Director and Producer