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It seems the powers that be are crumbling before our very eyes. For those who dare to look into the dark side and research further than the mind numbing bullshit coming from the Mainstream Media then it is becoming evermore clear to see that the powers that be are struggling.

Brexit is a joke, and was supposed to be confusing, and the mainstream media are using every trick in the book to cover its one big dark secret....are you ready! (you probably know this but don't want to think about it) child sex trafficking around the globe. Every established cornerstone of our society is riddled with this, from the banking system to Hollywood, music industry, education, religion, social services and of course politics (What happened to that pedophiles in parliament dossier Prime Minister May? was it buried under Edward Heath or shoved up Lord Boothby's arse)

Jeffery Epstein Files to open - Article released 2 days ago whilst the world watched Leaving Neverland

So how do they get away with this without someone blowing the whistle? well of course there are hundreds of thousands of whistle blowers all over the world but how come it is not COMMON KNOWLEDGE?. Well it is simple, the answer is 'Group Think' inside what David Sedgwick calls 'Soft Cults' in his incredible book 'BBC :Brainwashing Britain".

A soft cult is an institution that lives and breaths like a cult, functions and thinks like a cult but in not seen as an outright cult in the way in which say Scientology is (Not a religion except for Tax purposes) in which nobody would dare tell the truth or utter what George Orwell terms 'Wrong Think'. After spending some time at Auntie (BBC) myself I would say that this applies very much to the BBC. Oh don't feel sorry for the Beeb! Gary Lineker gets paid over 2Million a year for talking about a bag of hot air being kicked around a patch of grass whilst your average Qualified Teacher gets £28k a year, Registered Nurse just £23k a year and journalist (I don't) £23k a year...whilst an admin assistant scrapes by on £16k a year....yes its mental. The world is backwards and Gary Linker once shit himself on live TV and wiped his shitty bum on the pitch in Italy. If he had done that on my lawn I would have Vinnie Jones'd him.

Anyway, so a soft cult is a place where you dare not speak your mind for fear of being outcast, where your opinion is not necessary for your role and you better keep it to yourself or you will be slowly eased out of the door. Now does this sound like fair journalism to you, no of course not, this is a dictatorship in a mini Hitler led business model. So in terms of the BBC, imagine the absolute shite they put out, but even more scary imagine how they purposely mislead their audience (who fund them by the way, yes WE pay Linker) to only see what they want you to see, therefore shaping your view of the world. This goes for ITV, Channel4 and all of the bigger channels....just because they are not publicly funded does not mean they do not have a cult like mentality when it comes to the truth and are indeed a 'soft cult'.

Baring this in mind, this is why we get absolute one sided , terribly researched cut and past documentaries such as Leaving Neverland (regardless if you think Micheal is guilty) coming out at EXACTLY the same time that Harvey Weinstien goes to court, and then its is softly reported that the files on Jeffery Epstein is about to be open, and a Global pedophile ring that goes through the Houses of Parliament, World Politics, Mainstream Media, Hollywood, The Music Industry, Big Banking and The Military would be seen. They purposely put out this terribly made media, using black mailed kids like Wade Robson and whats his name Safechuck (both testified as adults that MJ did nothing to them & I do believe they were abused by not by Micheal Jackson, for more info you need to do your research into Project Monarch) to distract from the real burning issue that would change this world IF it were properly uncovered. The entire Western World would see the type of people we allow to run our lives and that WE are the victims of a Cult, a mass mind controlled cult that started the day we went to school at age 4. In an agenda that was established in 1776, if you fancy do some proper research.

They bring in vile satanic witches such as Oprah Winfrey and Meryl Streep (and lets include that ridiculous Ellen in there) to promote utter nonsense on their shows in order to both further the agenda and as a timely distraction from what is coming out in the open, brought out by the true journalists that are still out there. If people cannot see that Oprah and Ellen are gate keepers then I really feel for them as they are prime candidates for the 'Group Think' psychosis that is on the cards when 5G (Millimetre Waves) is slowly brought in. Oprah is close friends with Harvey Weinstein (despite her terrible performance at that #Metoo bollocks) she is also best mates with Dave Geffen who hates Micheal Jackson and who runs a business with none other than Stephen Spielberg (Isaac Kappy outed him a year ago and again no mainstream media reports).


So this past year it seems that the Elite's (the 13 families that own most of the wealth in the world) are desperate and throwing everything they can at us, the Prols. I agree with what psychologist Richard Grannon said in a recent interview I conducted with him "The elites have abandoned us years ago" but I would add that they fell asleep at the wheel and are now frantically trying to stop themselves flying off the highway and into a tree! Body parts everywhere which their mates can then sell on the black market they run.

I see so much hope in how people have rejected this Leaving Neverland Mock-umentary, true journalism has risen from the ashes and joined the likes of David Icke, Mark Devlin and Neil Sanders, David Sedgewick and thousands more, as we shrug off the CIA given term of "Conspiracy Theorists" and the general public wander out of the soft cult of mass hypnosis to see how we have been right royaly fucked over for centuries.

As Jonny Rotten said "Do you ever get the feeling you've been cheated? good night"