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5G and The Guinea Pig Population

One of the most recent podcast in our Glitch In The Code series was with Dr Robin Kelly who is the Author of two of my favourite books The Human Hologram and The Human Antenna. Dr Kelly has been working as a qualified medical doctor for over 30 years and has had a keen interested in both Western and Eastern medical practices and runs his own integral health practice in New Zealand with his wife Trish.

Dr Kelly spoke about his concern with the implementation of 5G in 2020 being the start of the merge between A.I and mankind. Robin raises concerns that we do not know enough about the science of being alive to do this and that it is totally unsafe as it has not been tested. I stated in the podcast that the definition of an experiment is to try something out and not known the outcome of what you are doing, that is exactly what is happening with 5G, we are the Guinea Pigs and so are our children and grandchildren.

Robin explains that they have used the same technology in the military to crowd disperse over the past twenty years. The only difference being that they have turned it down a little bit so we can't feel it burning us, which Robin pointed out would be a good thing because when they switched 5G on then we would all demand it be turned off because....well its fucking burning us!.

A year ago there was a headline that they found the biggest organ in the body which is called the interstitium, which is akin to (is) our meridian system and a semi conductor of electricity that is tapped into with touch and acupuncture. 5G will be picked up by this interstitium. With transmitters needing be put on every corner street in order to carry these short wavs, our interstitium will be bombarded more than ever (over 30 times more than 4G) with these new Millimetre Wavs (MMW) which will cause issues that will manifest differently in each person, but will certainly manifest in ways we have yet to see or know....because it is being tested on us all!

Here is the podcast

There are some worrying videos on Youtube where you can even see U.S Senators raising concerns about what 5G will be doing to us all and asking a straight forward question ..."What testing has been done?" to which no one can give a straight answer. It is beyond psychotic that this technology is being tested on us, and even more mental that people such as Elon Musk are praised for putting thousands of satellites in the sky to connect us to the SMART grid and The Internet of things. I get a daily feed from "Life Coaches" on my Linkedin page aspiring to be like Elon Musk, when they have done zero research into his true background and the effect of his technology, and all in the name of Tesla who is spinning in his time machine at all of this.

People please do some research into these things as the world is not as it seems and whilst you can download Lord Of The Rings Quicker and have a better signal on your SKYPE calls, a colossal microwave is being built around our planet and the human race is being shut inside, on re heat...we are now becoming nothing but a Ready Meal and we all know how they mess with your bowel.

Here are are a couple of good videos that reveal some shocking truths about 5G

Link to a post on This shows the lack of knowledge and frankly the lack of care about the effects of 5G MMW on the human race.

This one is terrifying. This lady is an ex DHS employee and after working next to Millimetre Wavs and the effects that it has had on her health and wellbeing. Remember these are NEW FREQUENCIES that human beings have not been subjected to before (at least not on an mass scale). This will be unleashed in 2020 and remember do not think of it as it's brand name 5G, it is MMW - millimeter Waves, which are reported to already be in use in some U.S Airports. The lady being interviewed in this Youtube video reports feeling extreme fatigue, dizziness and joint pain. She also talks about how many co workers came down with similar symptoms, cancers and even a rise in sudden deaths at her place of work. This video is an incredible watch and highlights just some of the issues that 5G might heap upon us. It might not be apparent at first but like smoking, the effects will be all to apparent in 10-20 yrs time when the babies of today are reaching adulthood. Maybe this is the New World Order of things.

MMW's are coming guys ! it is a testing of MMW's on us all.....5G is the brand name and we are the Guinea Pig in this experiment and so are all Digital Natives from now on.

More info and research here :

Richard Willett